1. Connecting to the sensor - iPhone will auto connect to your sensor after you press the button. Android will try and pair to it. It will search for the sensor and once found you need to click on the name and then it will stay connected.

  2. Daily Punch Counter - Watch a real-time counter as you punch your bag. The meter will showcase the power as you go. It also features the top 5 punch leaders for that day. The count resets each day. It also will keep track of your cumulative punches for the day so don’t be surprised if you open and close the app and begin punching and notice that it jumps to higher number. That is your actual count for the day. Reminder: Daily Punch Counter only works if it is the current screen on your phone. It does not work in the background.

  3. Video Library - Be able to go through our entire list of on-demand videos. First select from the playlist and then play the workout. If your sensor is already on and connected it will be counting your punches while you are watching the video.

  4. Music Game - Every punch will play a different piano note. Play around with this one. Selecting the Auto Play switch will randomly select a song and then when you are punching it will play that song. Switch that button on and off to select a new song. If your sensor is on and connected it will count your punches.

  5. Rounds Game - A round timer that features an Audio Workout switch which plays different audio workouts. Use this feature when you are looking to just do your own rounds without the videos. If your sensor is on and connected it will count your punches.

  6. Punch Patterns - With the sensor connected try and keep up with the patterns (no punch, one punch, two quick punches)

  7. Competition - Place to invite a friend to a daily punch count challenge. Either create a name or join one. When your sensor is on and connected you will get punches to be counted for this screen and anyone else in it will appear as well.